How will COVID-19 vaccines stop coronavirus in its tracks?

Dubai: The formation of antibodies against COVID-19 has been a bioengineering accomplishment establishing a precedent in the examination, assembling, endorsements and organization.

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Assuming we ever get an effective vaccine, you mean? Let’s assume we do:

Safety I’m just going to note here: a phase 1 trial rarely results in evidence that the candidate vaccine is effective. That’s not the point of phase 1. The point of phase one is to make sure the candidate vaccine does not kill anyone, doesn’t cause serious side effects, and hopefully doesn’t cause many moderate side effects, in a very small, very healthy, very young group of mostly white men (because there is a bias in medicine—many, many commonly prescribed medicines out there were never tested for efficacy or safety in women, minorities, or the elderly).

Scientists don’t generally know if a vaccine candidate is really “safe” until larger trials, they just know it’s not super deadly. Larger, later studies are frequently done in India or sometimes in Africa, which introduces different biases, but my understanding is that, again, the young male bias remains.


 At least we have computers. But we’re gonna need a database to followup, especially with the early vaccinated, because they are going to be at higher risk of the vaccination failing (because we’re pushing forward too fast).

There’s probably, but not necessarily, a database that can handle this, in which case, it just needs to be pushed out to hundreds of government entities, some of which (including the US) still have computers from the 80s. If they have computers. And regularly available electricity.

And if there isn’t a database already built to handle this, I can promise you, no one is thinking far enough ahead to start building one now. It took someone effectively banging on the door of the White House to get the FDA to give a permission that had to be given now to solve a problem with this vaccine that won’t happen for several years. You would think the FDA would have thought of it itself. We don’t tend to be a country of forward thinkers. Even when it’s only 2 years.

After the corrupt and the rich get vaccinated, who decides which countries get how much vaccine? One of the reasons so many different vaccine candidates exist, is because governments all understand that if only one vaccine is developed, everyone will be beholden to one particular country for the vaccine.

Who is going to pay for all this and How much? 

New factories don’t build themselves. People don’t train themselves to deliver vaccines. All of this has to be done before these companies see one thin dime in payment. Not profit. Payment. There’s no way to tell if they’ll be first to market. Or if their vaccine will turn out to be safe enough. Or if one of the other 92 candidates will prove to be safer and more effective, rendering theirs less desirable. And who covers the lawsuits when it turns out to be unsafe ten million injections in?

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